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2002-01-21 14:44:17 (UTC)

New Friends In The Land Of Insanity...

Okay, even tho I had the night from hell at work, at least
one segment of the night made me smile. This is probally
violating some sort of discrimination code or some sort of
law but fuck it... lol

Okay, at my work there are a few residents who have
dementia. Some is just a random old age kind of dementia and
other cases it is alzheimers.. Now, I am always complaining
about the "crazies" at my work and yes they do piss me off.
But. There is a fine line between the kind of crazy where a
person wanders and cant remember where the hell they are and
the kind of crazy where the person lives in their own
fantasy realm. Now.. these fantasy realm residents are my
new favorite people. I have the greatest time with them.
Fuck my own fantasy world with its lake and caves and energy
balls. Now I can play in other peoples fantasy realms/minds
and everyone is happy!

There is this resident named Peter. He is pretty young and
from Australia. By yound I mean in his early 60's. This may
sound so horribly wrong but for an older gentleman he is
pretty good looking. And crazy as all hell. I love it!

I met this new resident yesterday named Rich. Well.. Peter
and Rich are in adult day care together because they are
both a lil off the rocker.. Not dangerous but not quite
there... Rich is such a cutie. Always smiling and both of
these guys do whatever I say..

So I am on the third floor locking up the med cabinet when I
come across Peter and Rich wandering the halls. Peter is
talking about the organization and Rich is just smiling. I
have to give them both pills so I lead them to Rich's room.
Rich isnt totally nuts, just not there..Peter was like, So
we are going to do it all in his room?(for some reasonI
think his world has alot of drugs and orgies in it.. Ill
explain another time) So I get him to his room, I give him
his pills and Peter sayd he wants some magic tablets too. I
tell him he can when he gets to his room. Rich is upset
because we are leaving but I tell him to get undressed and
go to bed and he does. So I go into Peters room. Weare
talking about the corperation and the organization and how
my house isnt too far from the other realm. Then he
remembers that my father is the head of the organization so
he decides he needs to tattle on some of the other workers.
He says that some og the guys are going around with rulers,
lifting up womens skirts and he didnt think that was right.
I totally agreed. Then we talked about the managment
structure of the organization and how some of these guys are
just fucking it up. Then he was upset cuz some woman was
trying to get him high and sleep with him and he just wasnt
into that. He said he would get high with her to shut her up
but that would be the end of it.(he used a different word
for getting high but I forget Then he showed me
some crazy pics involving a skeleton man and dog...I keep
trying to give him his magic tablets but he was being
fiesty..He wanted to save some for later but finally I got
him to put them in his mouth and after he knawed them for
awhile he swallowed them. But then I needed to go find the
others and make sure they were coming to the meeting so I
needed to go. Damn, we had the best conversation. I cant
even begin to describe it all.. I mean, hell, Im the sassy
daughter of the powerful head of THE organization. Yeeeaaah!

I wont go into the other details of my night but by the
morning I was quite Of course I was all smiley
and cutesy and sugary fucking sweet.. until the wrong person
messed with me.. I didnt go off on him because that would be
inappropriate.. not my style.. I wanted to beat him with
his own leg brace..I was pissed.. I do not like being
disrespected and treated like shit. I dont care if you are a
fuckin x-actor in a wheelchair who had a stroke. You need to
be respectful or I will ignore you..Damn rich bastards.. He
needs to get the hell out of here.. I just thank some god or
goddess that he cant get out of bed on his own.. he might
chase me down in his wheelchair and cane me.. he already
likes ramming into other residents..

My back hurts..My head hurts.. I am fuckin tired..I am
hungry and thirsty.. and yet.. I am so so so so so happy!!!!
Who needs drugs when you have love..