I Debbie...
2001-04-18 13:09:12 (UTC)

Whatever get this one. Ding-dong bitches at me for wanting
to get into the shower first,you see he is running late. The
thing is is that if he wouldn't have gotten on the computer
he would have been on time. And as it was he took the
fastest shower in the history of man. He is so full of cacka
sometimes. Then he said last night that he was going to
callAnna Wright about the car and that now it is shaking.
And when is he going to do that? If he is thinking that I am
going to do it for him he has another thing,or think,
coming. I shall see if he does it on his day off tomorrow. I
have had two days so far at my new second job and I like it.
His dad on the instant messg thing last night said that he
didn't know I had a second job. Well, if they had bothered
to call on Easter then they would have known this. Anyway I
had better go now since I need to hop into the shower. I
wonder why no one is e-mailing me? And on the topic of
Easter it sure pays to have your long distance turned off
every now and then to see hoe many people actually call you.
I mean Tom,Bets,Rich,Jeff,and Jolanda ( and of course Donna). I
thought my family wouldn't call,but his usually does. I wonder what excuse
Brian will give for not calling them. Should be interesting.
I Debbie......