This isn't life !
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2001-04-18 13:07:38 (UTC)

So, let's start

Well, that's new for me. I already write a journal, but it
isn't the same thing. This one, people are gonna read it
(maybe), it makes me feel strange !
Actually, my problem is : my life isn't interesting.
Nothing ever happends to me, I get bored ! It sucks to be
16 in France, you don't even have your license, you can't
do anything without a car (I live in the country,
everything is far away)
Oh, by the way, please excuse me if I make mistakes in my
english, but it's not my first language you know and I try
to do my best.
Today I've had an "exam" (actually it's only a very big
test to prepare us to the real exam) anyway I sucked. I'm
sure I'm gonna get some really bad mark. Doesn't matter.
Oh my God I hate this weather. It's grey it doesn't even
rains ! I can't believe it, last week I was in Tunisia, it
was soo great ! and now... what a nightmare... school,
teachers, getting up early, parents yaling at me...
Anyway. I must be boring, I'm sorry, but today I feel
really bad. I think I'm gonna come back later, when it'll
be better.

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