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2002-01-21 12:13:45 (UTC)


It's Monday morning. Sitting in the dark nursing my second
coffee (it's 7:14). Rob just left for work. I've got to
wake up Adam for school but I just need some quiet for a
few minutes. The day is going to be so hectic with so many
demands on my time. But then sometimes I feel bad: it's
not Adam's fault I'm busy so I shouldn't sit here on the
computer to wind down at night - I should find something to
do close to him - bake, draw, something.

That's what I think I'll do tonight. I'll give it another
go for the drawing for Kandi's wedding picture and spend
some time with him. That is, if work is not so horrible
today that I need some isolation for a while. Poor Adam.
I'll really try.


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