DayDream Believer
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2002-01-21 10:48:26 (UTC)


We had a nother talk later on Sunday, then he was talking
to. But thats probobly because it was something about him ,
you see I meet this girl at the buss some mounths ago, and
she started to talk about him, but more about that later...

Whats new from now on is his brother.
I need something new in my life, so Im gonna try out
something new.
I know most of his friends, but they dont know much about
about me, luckly, I dont wanna go there...
I was talking to his best friend for a while, but I think
he`s mad at me for breaking S*s hart or something.
Last time I talked to him he called me a silly slut, and
that kind of made me
a bit said, even though I know he diddnt meant it.
But about his brother, Im gonna find him and start to play
a game with him.
Its gonna be hard in the beginning, but I know how to make
it. I`ve done this before.
Im gonna make S*`s brother a real good friend of me ,
without him even know who I am.
But Im not gonna be bad, I dont wanna hurt anyone,
epecially not S*.
I think I`ve seen his brother two or three times, but he
dont know me,hehe.

I know this plan sound`s silly, but belive me it works.
- or at least it did last time......