The Eye Into My Soul
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2002-01-21 08:35:28 (UTC)


I feel really pensive tonight... I'm not really sure why
but I guess I should get it out of my system before I go to
bed or I won't be able to sleep. Have you ever had that
trouble before? If you haven't completely emptied your
brain before you go to bed it takes for ever to fall
asleeep because you can't get those thoughts out of your
head? Me Too!

Anyway, my friends invited me to go to Lexington with them
tomorrow to watch The Royal Tennenbaums... it's supposed to
be pretty funny (no class tomorrow because of the holiday).
It will be fun... we always have tons of fun together. I
think my friends are the best, but then I suppose everyone
thinks that. When we get back I have so much homework to
do... well, really it's just a lot of reading that I have
to do... no real work. We'll be back reasonably early so
I'll have plenty of time (I'm going to miss Trading Spaces
tomorrow, though... Blah!).

I just got back from Gabby's room about a half hour ago...
it's kinda weird to be there when Michael is around. He's
this guy that I had a thing for but, well... he's gay (I
knew that before hand but well I guess I thought it didn't
matter) Well, he used me, kinda, as a last ditch effort to
convince himself that he was straight as he doesn't really
like the idea that he is attacted to men. It was a real ego
booster when he told me that... oh well, you live and learn
I suppose. I've told my friends a number of times that my
life is like an after school special... I do stupid things
and then I learn some lesson and stop doing them. Your
basic after school special theme. So it's weird to be
around him... not because he's gay but because he used
me... or maybe it's not even that, maybe it's because I was
stupid enough to think that I could make him be something
he's not and be in love me... hmmm... I just don't know
what I was thinking... typical me.

I have crazy hair today... instead of fixing my hair like I
usually do. Today, I just brushed it and then left it
alone. For those of you who have curly hair (mine's
naturally extreamly curly) or know what it's like, that's
really not the best plan as it gets a little wild after
drying. So I have the crazy semi-afro look going on. Very
exciting for those who have seen me today.

Ok... I think I can go to bed now.

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