The Eye Into My Soul
2002-01-21 08:08:32 (UTC)

TLC = Trading Spaces

My favorite TV show ever is Trading Spaces which airs on
The Learning Channel (TLC). Tonight I got to watch it for 3
hrs... I was in heaven! For those of you who don't know
it's a show where two couples trade houses for two days and
redecorate one room in each... there are 2 designers
(although there are several different ones only 2 work at
one time), one carpenter, and one host. Anyway, my favorite
designer has got to be Frank with Genivieve coming up a
close second. I like Ty for the carpenter... the girl, Amy,
is funny but Ty is better. And I like Alex as the hostess
but she left the show so now I have to live with Paige who
is pretty good... she's not Alex, but pretty good none the
less. Anyway, they have 2 days to redecorate these rooms
for $1000 or less. It's a fabulous show!

I so want the Trading Spaces crew to do a dorm edition in
which they redecorate college dorm rooms. I would probably
die of happiness if they decided to do my college... oh, if
Frank came, I would proably hyperventalate with joy. I know
that my friend Scott would do the same because he also
loves the show. I've become addicted to watching and
learning all I can about it... if you want to do the same
you can check out the website at www.tlc.discovery.com I
know that if you watch it you will like it!