lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-01-21 08:01:25 (UTC)

mm to the hmm

yeah so good times...semester break is highly appreciated.
friday i got my permit (finally!). i got a hat and
officially "da hats" was founded by marisa & me...and
technically marisa's mom, all due respect. haha.

umm yeah then we saw "a beautiful mind" which i thought was
good but some of our homeschool friends were boggled by it
so i'm sorry. but i picked a shape and anna said she'd do
it again, so that's all good with me. "come with me, young
lady"..."MMMMMM" ewww!

yeah and then we talked about who we wanted to "do",
metaphorically speaking, of course...and so we did chris &
meghan & attempted a few others, but mormons & angry
spaniards got in our way. so i went home & marisa & annie
did me. yeah.

saturday...lots of chores...several failed hair-dyeing
attempts. spent a lot of time w/ britt & meg...eeeeuwww!
oh just kidding! it was kinda fun maybe. then we watched
austin powers 1 & it was dirtier than i'd remembered and i
was shocked when i remembered the kids i babysat were
allowed to watch it, cuz weeeellll...

and then sunday i was reamed for my ugly vitamin c-like
choices of hair color, so that certainly wasn't ballerish.
naaaahhhh...and then we went to lunch @ toppers where i was
assaulted by airborne tomatoes. and then shane assaulted
marisa's phone...and then we went to the outlets where joe
balled it up w/ a pink purse. haha YEAAAH. and then we
left and went to coldstone where everyone acted really
cool. ohhh wait. actually i forget what we did but i was
probably gross & dumb, right? yeah. and then i attempted
to go home but that doesn't always work in my family.

so i went to the hendog's for like 10 minutes and that was
fabulous but then i left & my parents informed me that i
get to skip out on school for snowboarding so um YEAH i
appreciate that!! and then i looked in the mirror and
rushed to grab the "darkest brown" (aka fro) dye. i
attacked my head & was paranoid that i'd be bald a few
minutes later...but i'm ok. besides, then i'd be a small
bald person...ohhh man ohh man i liked that did you? ok
good let's make out.

yeah then we had book study on THE BEST CHAPTER!!! ohh just
kidding. but i love those girls. then we went to coffee
bean and i felt like a jr higher but it's all chill. and
we drove by BARRY STREET!! WHAT WHAT!?! yeah and then
folks came over to "get mousse" aka assault p to the h. my
word of the day is assault. me gusta muchisimo!! and we
drove around until i had enough & the hats temporarily
disbanded cuz i'm just like that. so yeah even though most
of you reading this were actually involved, i love you.
good times. and now i'm tired but i have to stay up so i
can finish DLing my jackie paper moment...haha!!!