The star diary
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2002-01-21 07:01:03 (UTC)


I guess, for my first entry, I should start you out with
information about myself. I'm 15. I live in New Jersey,
right near Philidelphia. I speak French, english, and some
Japanese. I can write in two forms of Japanese, and limited
knowledge of japanese formal script, a.k.a. Kanji. I'm a
very sweet person you will find. So, I'm not very vain. The
music I genreally listen to falls into these categories:
Trance, J-pop, r&b, house, techno, classical, and 80's. I'm
sort of a tech head. I'm not really certain on my
sexuality. I guess if anyone I know sees this, they will
know that, and honestly I don't care if they do or not.
I've had a rocky history. I guess I'll tell you that later
on. My name, by the way, is James. But my nickname is Jim,
or jimmy... whatever. So, this is me guys. =) I hope you
enjoy this online journal thing. Talk to you later



P.S. You can visit my website at www.jtstar.net. Thanx

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