It's my life
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2001-04-18 12:18:54 (UTC)

April 18, 2001

Today was like most days..boring as hell. I'm unusually
tired tonight though. I thought I got enough sleep but my
back hurt while I tried to fall asleep. Didn't really talk
to anyone except Mark. Still trying to sleep with me and
doesn't even know what I look like. Retard. I hardly know
what he looks like. I don't know, I just know I need to move
the hell out of the house asap before I lose my sanity.
I am proud of myself for taking my ass to the fitness room
before work. Big acomplishment for me. I'm pretty excited
about going out with Chuy tonight but I just wish he still
had the hots for me like I do him. It's pretty hard for me
not to want to be affectionate with him because we're no
longer together. I don't know, if we're still sleeping with
one another then in some ways we are still together. i just
don't need to be thinking that way right now. I don't want
anything from anyone anymore. I just want to move out and
get my own place or a house to share and start having some
damn fun already. I want happiness so damn bad I can taste
it somewhere in my mouth. Well this is pretty interesting so
maybe I'll stick with the diary thing. maybe it will make me
feel better about things. I'll write on the morrow. PEace

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