It smells like poop over here
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2002-01-21 06:50:12 (UTC)

monday morning, time to get outta bed

work sucks, this is the part that i dread! i don't know
how much more right student rick can get. it's a good tune
to, they a punk band live, but they're over-produced in the
study, so they're kinda just...rock. good song
though, "monday morning" by student rick, DL it if you wish.
i was told that happiness is not a state of being
overjoyed, but merely a state of not being depressed. i
like that. it's inspirational almost, but it's also a mind-
boggler, at least it is for me. maybe im just reading into
it too much, but that means your either happy or sad.
there's no in between time. i know i know, there's always
an exception to a cliche, and they don't apply to all. but
i still like that quote. im not depressed, so i am happy.
just not happy enough, i guess. now im just perplexed. i
confused myself with my own happiness, i think.


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