2002-01-21 06:32:31 (UTC)

im much better off the way things are...

much much better off better by far...

right.. today was very productive. and for the most part
an okay day. i was soo tired and ashley woke me up all
early on her way home from some party to go get breakfast,
and i really didnt want to get out of bed but i did and it
was good we havent had much alone time in awhile to just
sit and talk for awhile so it was good. =)

then i came home and went nutty cleaning for ALL DAY like
forever. i cleaned like everything and then caroline came
over and we burned all each others cds that we wanted.
hehe i got ja rule and goofy shit like that. bleh
whatever. and then we went to the pet store and bought
stuf for our turtle. she is supposed to be bonnie cus
ashleys is clyde but caroline said she should be maude and
ashleys be harold and i think thats way cuter. he is SOOO
great i am in love with him.

then we were cleaning and we realized my baby has worms.
=( i have to take her to the vet real soon, they can die
from that. i was so upset i was guna cry but i didnt, but
then my mom started yelling at me for stuf and my dad was
being an asshole so i did right when richard got here and
so i was down in the garage crying and getting it out of my
system then i came up and we cleaned all night. like i
cleaned for like 12 hours today, seriously. it was cool
though i feel good now and we disinfected like EVERYTHING
and washed EVERYTHING so maybe the cat dander from the
kittens (=() will be gone and i can breathe at night.

so im going to busch gardens tomorrow... hopefully it will
be fun. i hope i hope i hope. i really wanted to smoke
today. thats not good huh. i just dont really care right
now. i need a reason to care. i have come to hate all
that shit so so much and here i am.... ughhh. anyway
carolines here so im guna go convince her to take a shower
and get to bed, i have to be up bright and early.

"i need an island, somewhere to bury you, somewhere to go."

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