A journey worth nothing.
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2002-01-21 06:19:14 (UTC)

What do I want?

Well, I got to the end of a point and felt like saying
more. I think I will do a bunch of these "What do I want?"
things. I may learn a few things about myself, and
definately a few things about what I should look for. I
think the next big thing I want is......A girl that knows
herself, but isn't stuct in her ways. What I mean is a
girl that has her favorite band, and her favorite movie,
and favorite food, and they are different from mine. I
want someone in my life that will bring some "flava" and
not just be like me. I also don't like those girls that
change their story to fit what you are after. If you are
interested in her it will be for "her" not for the little
things. Don't lie to me just to be with me. It won't help.
I also don't like when a girl won't flirt (too much
flirting is bad too). I want a girl that will show some
interest and open some doors for conversation. I will talk
to you if you talk to me MEL. I really wish I knew what
was on her mind when she is over here. She doesn't act
like she wants to shut anyone out, but she also doesn't
try to invite anyone in. I think she should open up a bit
more in front of people. I think that her thing is that
she just sits there and thinks of just what to say, but
that she thinks about it too much and doesn't say
anything. Why? Well, maybe she is worried that people will
perceive her to be like Heather. I think this leaves the
mystery aspect to the whole thing, but I don't see that as
being the image she is after. I'm sure she would love the
attention that Heather gets, but I think that she has
heard some of the things that people have said about
Heather and that this has detoured her. I though about
calling my phone with hers while I had it so that I could
have her number, but I also thought that to be
inconsiderate. I hope that some day soon that I will find
the right situation to start a conversation with Mel. I
also hope that when I do, she is interested in me too.

Andrew M. Smith

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