Realizations of a 24yr old convict
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2001-04-18 11:16:24 (UTC)


You know I never let anyone tell me about paintings.
What period they are who painted them anything.Art students
always wanna tell you about what their painting or the
paintings in the coffieshops or that little csuc galley if
you know it. But Ive grown to hate that.
I dont wanna have predetermind thoughts about it before
i see it. I just wanna gaze at it into it and feel it what
i feel with a totally open mind. The painting is a single
peice, each peice each its own and id like to be able to
judge it as an Independent.
Stay positive

Ps this is to say thanks to someone Im actully really good
And somday youll know what I was speaking about and girly
thats real life the realist thing Ive ever know. Please
embrace them both when it comes the love and loves pain.
with love

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