A journey worth nothing.
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2002-01-21 06:02:29 (UTC)

What do I want?

I never really cared about what it was that I wanted in a
girl. I was just happy having one at all. I don't think
that I ever dated a girl I didn't think highly of. Come to
think of it I didn't date much at all. I had one long
relationship, and it forever changed me. I realized in
that relationship that there is something that NO one
nights stand could ever This brings me
to the whole reason for these proceedings.....Trust Maybe
that isn't specific enough....When you meet at girl and
start dating, you notice when other guys check her out.
You are worried that they may take interest in what is
your's. And what bothers you even more is that maybe she
is just as interested in him as he is in her. You don't
trust her. That is the trust I'm talking about. A feeling
about a girl that you know if a guys hit on her, she would
ignore him. I would love to have a relationship with that
kind of trust. I don't even think that kind of trust would
be that hard to find......A friend would never hurt you.
Therefore a friend is that kind of person you can
COMPLETELY trust. And if you happen to date a friend that
you can trust I think that you would never have to worry
about them looking at that other person..... Just a thought

Andrew M. Smith

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