My Life (Condensed Version)
2002-01-21 05:53:27 (UTC)


Hey everyone,

I just went to this awesome thing called Operation
Snowball. It is a weekend where people who believe in
staying drug & alcohol-free can get together. My school
supports this program so Washington usually has it's
snowball weekend at the school, and the participants stay
in the classrooms. I went with Kelly, Becca, & Heath and
we stayed in Mrs. Cassulo's room. It was freezing in that
room at night, but we got over it. lol. My small group was
so cool. There was Missy Johnston, Brian Graham (they were
the group leaders) Renee Blakesly she's a junior, Adam (i
forgot his last name, he's a junior in college), Andrew
Werner(i think that's how you spell his last name...)
Jennie Horton, MaryBeth Guy and Eric(forgot his last name
too). But it was awesome because we all got along so well.
Our skit that we made up was the coolest ever, even though
it didn't make any sense... lol. On saturday i danced for
THREE HOURS STRAIGHT, and now my legs feel like jello,
it's sad. Bard's night was the coolest thing though,
people would get up, and share they're poems and songs, it
was so cool. I can't wait to go back next year. The only
problem? Taking showers. lol

Later days,
Kara Jo