Nick's Journal
2002-01-21 05:02:41 (UTC)

Redman must Die and why we shouldn't lock the doors.

Redman must die! was the anthem this weekend. Luke
himself voiced it. As john, luke, and i were wandering to
the express (under the false pretense that it was open
till 2 am) a red beam hit us. now we were all
really "fucked" up, but we could tell when a sniper was
after us. the red laser swept across the white snow like
a hawk and sought us out. we bobbed and weaved, ducked
and dove, but finally we were forced to run. run like a
guinea pig that needs to find a restroom after he's had
too much alfalfa. Luke quickly dubbed the sniper "Redman"
and throughout our arduous march, luke vowed vengenenace.
not fazed by passerbyers he quickly launched a verbal
assault which included the frazes "you will die" and "i'm
going to kill you" now some of the other people around us
thought that it might be addressed to them and that they
were about to get murdered, but that was a simple fallacy
on their part. the only one that had something to fear
was Redman. once we got to the express we noticed it was
closed. there the three of us stood, and it could mean
US AND HAD CLOSED IT!!! now our thirst for his blood was
intensified. by channeling our aggressions john and i
gave luke the power to scream his assailments at such a
loud volume that the buildings cringed in fear. the
threat washed over the snow and broke through the windows
like a hurricane. soon we were back by the open field,
and there was Redman. his laser lazily toying with the
snow......waiting for first we didn't now what to
do, but then the alcohol gave us the answer. yell with
all your might. we quickly stomped through the snow and
Redman heard time and a gain that he was being sought
after, and that his demise was soon upon him.
Then we got into the dorm and ordered a pizza. i can't
fucking believe i was able to sign for it cos i was so
fucked up. throwing snowballs at the windows was a
highlight, and oddly enough, john and luke have the
ability to do anything and not get caught. they could have
grabbed fetuses and juggled them and noone would have
called the cops. they could have been poaching baby seals
and there would have been no problem. ah the joys of
drunken fun. it was a great night, even the beer in the
face. but now i must get my laundry. the doors will be
locked, which means i have to go to the fucking night
monitor and convince Goebbels that i do live here and that
his nazi regime of an establishment should allow me to
enter my own fucking living quarters. I love college :-)