Puzzling out my life
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2002-01-21 04:46:32 (UTC)

all's faire

I have spent the last two days at a guild sewing meeting. I
only have my corset, bodice, 2 Partlets and a hat to finish.
I had Dogg, Bree, Linda the brewmistress and David stay the
night, since Georgia's was crowded. Well, David could have
gone home, since he lives about 20 minutes away, but he
decided to stay, since he had stuff going on in town last
night anyways.Of course, he had to share my bed, since the
floor was taken, and there wasn't much bedding left
anyways. We ended up having really great sex all night, and
this morning, and then when we went back to his place to
wash his material, we made use of the spare time again.
He's really sweet, and he says that he really likes me, and
that he would like to be able to spend more ime with me.
That sounds fine, except that I'm not sure if it would be
the best idea to date him regularly. I can see that I'm not
ready for another relationship yet, and I would probably
end up breaking up with him, breaking his heart, and then
having to deal with that for the rest of faire season. Oh
well, I see what comes of all this later.