through space and time
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2002-01-21 04:04:39 (UTC)

it sux here

ive been thinking....america is the worst place to live.
its all comericialized and shit. everything and everyone
that lives here is a fake. even the government. they make
us think that this is a conspiricy and that were "trying to
get back at them for what they did to us" but the real deal
is that they planned this whole thing just to get oil.
osama is on the payroll... not if thats not conspiricy tell
me what it is then. were so dependant on technology that if
everything just shut down one day we would all be in a
complete anarchy. its bullshit. thats why i want to move
down to abaco and live on an island. ya sure your thinking
what a stupid bitch... dreaming about stuff thats not going
to come true...well ive got it all planned out. island and
everything...ive got a place to stay down in hopetown.
till i get everything set up. i guess i have the values of
a rastafarian but sorta not. i dont eat meat. i hate
technology and i could deffinatly do without. i only put
stuf in my body that has been grown by the earth. its just
complete bullshit in this little shell we have here. there
is a much better world out there. most people dont know it
tho. places where you can go to be free from government and
law. places where you know that you are you, and not
someone that resembles an idol. you are free and one with
yourself and every little thing around you. i think that
america has gotten me crazy and im not going to fall with getting out.
No sun will shine in my day today
(No sun will shine.)
The high yellow moon won't
come out to play
(Won't come out to play
Darkness has covered my light
(and has changed,)
And has changed my day into night
Now where is this love to be found,
won't someone tell me?
'Cause life, sweet life,
must be somewhere to be found, yeah
Instead of a concrete jungle
where the livin' is hardest
Concrete jungle, oh man,
you've got to do your best, yeah.
No chains around my feet,
but I'm not free
I know I am bound here in captivity
And I've never known happiness,
and I've never known sweet caress
Still, I be always laughing like a clown
Won't someone help me?
Cause, sweet life, I've,
I've got to pick myself
from off the ground,yeah
In this here concrete jungle,
I say, what do you got for me now?
Concrete jungle, oh,
why won't you let me be now?
I said life must be somewhere to be found, yeah
Instead of a concrete jungle, illusion, confusion
Concreate jungle, yeah
Concrete jungle, you name it,
we got it, concrete jungle now
Concrete jungle, what do you got for me now?
- bob marley "concrete jungle"

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