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648882 AngelEyes
Started on Thu Jan 10 11:25:21 2002
AngelEyes 12/19/01 7:25 PM hugsssssssssssss never give up!

AngelEyes 12/19/01 7:27 PM hey

Lani~{ron} 12/19/01 7:30 PM can't talk right now sis,,,
it is family
time, i will be back at
putor around 9:15 pm,
eastern time

AngelEyes 12/19/01 7:30 PM kk hugs

Lani~{ron} 12/19/01 9:08 PM He never came online tonight
did He?

AngelEyes 12/19/01 9:10 PM havent seen'em in BS why

Lani~{ron} 12/19/01 9:11 PM just was asking

AngelEyes 12/19/01 9:13 PM see him online?

Lani~{ron} 12/19/01 9:14 PM no i don't

AngelEyes 12/19/01 9:15 PM he wsas on..... now gone

Lani~{ron} 12/19/01 9:16 PM damn,, guess you didn't get a
chance to talk
to him then huh?

AngelEyes 12/19/01 9:17 PM no.... you need to do it.....
q him now.. tell
him sorry... you just
want to be needed so bad
you forgot the art of
patience.. and to
please give you a chance

Lani~{ron} 12/19/01 9:18 PM i sent him a q ,, but He shows
offline,, and
hasn't answered me

AngelEyes 12/19/01 9:18 PM give it time

Lani~{ron} 12/19/01 9:22 PM nothing else i can do but wait
now and pray

AngelEyes 12/19/01 9:23 PM and keep q'ing thoughts.... he
doesn't want a
velcro collar... only
known a shor time hun

Lani~{ron} 12/19/01 10:23 PM sis i am going to bed,,
night, hugs and

Lani~{ron} 12/20/01 9:52 AM good morning sis

AngelEyes 12/20/01 9:53 AM heyaaaaaaaaaa wassups

Lani~{ron} 12/20/01 9:53 AM nuffin much, whats up wif you

AngelEyes 12/20/01 9:55 AM nuffin much...

Lani~{ron} 12/20/01 11:27 AM have you seen Master Daniel or
talked to him

AngelEyes 12/20/01 11:34 AM no hun

Lani~{ron} 12/20/01 2:07 PM i am going to be taking a
couple of days off
from this computor, i
feel like i am being
pushed and pulled in a
thousand different
directions with my online
life and i can't
think straight, i will
be putting all my time
and attention into my
offline family and
holidays, plus in my
heart felt hobby of my
psp and pictures,, in
case i don't see any of
you by xmas, ,, i pray
that god will bring you
much happiness and the
holidays be wonderfully
filled with laughter ,,
may god bless you
all.... 'Merry Christmas"

AngelEyes 12/20/01 2:10 PM huggggggsssssssssssssssssssssss

AngelEyes 12/28/01 9:53 AM update your virus program with
the new
definition files and
don't worry...wished to
hell you'd stop hiding
from me

Lani~{ron} 12/28/01 12:48 PM .¤§crumpy¤ (ICQ#108498377)
ty just decided to ban
your ass from my
place....now i'm gonna
track your puter and
maybe I will delete your
drive for the hell of

AngelEyes 12/28/01 12:48 PM who the hell's that?

Lani~{ron} 12/28/01 12:54 PM i goofed hon, i am sorry,
being threatened by
that person was trying to
send it to someone
else and i goofed,,
gawddddddddd i am so
blonde at times

AngelEyes 12/28/01 12:55 PM he can't delete your HDD..
just don't accept
any q's or mail from him

Lani~{ron} 12/28/01 12:55 PM nods kk

Lani~{ron} 12/28/01 10:35 PM going to bed sis, see you
tomorrow huggles

AngelEyes 12/28/01 10:39 PM

AngelEyes 12/29/01 10:17 PM what was your name at
Beginnings? it's driving
me freak'n

Lani~{ron} 12/29/01 11:26 PM keh'ria???? hell can't
remember myself now

AngelEyes 12/29/01 11:29 PM keh'ra

Lani~{ron} 12/29/01 11:29 PM ahhh okey thank you,,

Lani~{ron} 12/30/01 9:41 AM same feeling here too hon, so
being careful

AngelEyes 12/30/01 9:41 AM if staytoo long in one place
will send both ya
asses to hell =grins=

Lani~{ron} 12/30/01 9:45 AM now i have to wait on all the
dl's from here
on out,, grins,,, a way
to slow things down

AngelEyes 12/30/01 9:45 AM still now excuse i know my
d'l's are fast :)

Lani~{ron} 12/30/01 9:48 AM well, he is being pretty
polite so far

AngelEyes 12/30/01 9:49 AM ask'em where he's from

Lani~{ron} 12/30/01 9:49 AM he is from india

Lani~{ron} 12/30/01 9:51 AM he is married and loves his
wife,, and he has
offered all this, i
haven't asked.. LOL

AngelEyes 12/30/01 9:52 AM =smiles= ok, he's telling
truth, is from

Lani~{ron} 12/30/01 9:58 AM sis He was moving to fast for
me,, i just
poofed out, need to go
wake daughter anyway

AngelEyes 12/30/01 10:02 AM too fast????????????

Lani~{ron} 12/30/01 10:04 AM was already wanting to
cyber,,, put up a av
with us in each other
arms wanting me to get
in it,,,,

Lani~{ron} 12/30/01 10:04 AM telling me to unbutton his

Lani~{ron} 12/30/01 10:04 AM KnightRider: brings back
all the romantic
lani: that
is a nice av Sir
unbutton my shirt lani
KnightRider: and
slide into this av

AngelEyes 12/30/01 10:06 AM mmmm..... i really have to
work on you baby

AngelEyes 12/30/01 10:06 AM could've gotten outa that
without a poof :)

Lani~{ron} 12/30/01 10:06 AM has He gone?

AngelEyes 12/30/01 10:07 AM yeah he's gone hun

Lani~{ron} 1/1/02 9:41 PM i gots some major freaking
lag,, last thing i
seen said was....

LordRobert: But
you said under 50 was
no fun.. sheesh..

AngelEyes 1/1/02 9:42 PM ouchie..... try reconnecting
to provider

AngelEyes 1/2/02 9:59 AM why do you do that to yourself?

Lani~{ron} 1/2/02 10:00 AM you don't know what he put me

AngelEyes 1/2/02 10:00 AM well was waiting for you to
tell me

Lani~{ron} 1/2/02 10:03 AM for month he kept saying give
him time, he
wanted me as his girl,
just wanted some time,
i was patient, damn it
sis, i never shown more
patient then i did with
him, loyal always
there for him, not
pushing and just waiting,
then poof he disappears,
no word, nothing,,, i
waited for not sure how
long there in Nile for
him to return, hanging
out mostly in in his
private room,, staying to
myself, not
accepting nothing from
another Master,
finally i gave up and
left,, i have him on q,
he could have sent me a
message of somekind
saying, i am leaving
online for a while, don't
wait on me girl, some word

Lani~{ron} 1/2/02 10:04 AM i don't begrudge him for
needing time away, or
anything like that, but
damn it i am human, i
do have feelings,, i give
my submission
because i care, not as a
damn game

AngelEyes 1/2/02 10:06 AM nods...

AngelEyes 1/2/02 10:32 AM he's gone sweetie

Lani~{ron} 1/2/02 10:33 AM ok sis, will be back in there
in a few, need
to bring in more fire
wood,, brb

AngelEyes 1/2/02 12:29 PM James seems like a nice guy

Lani~{ron} 1/2/02 12:30 PM i know baby, i still care
deeply for him, why
do you think it is sooo
damn hard on me

Lani~{ron} 1/2/02 12:31 PM i would give up everything if
he wanted me

Lani~{ron} 1/2/02 12:34 PM i would give up Daniel, BS
everything, i
waited for him because i

AngelEyes 1/2/02 12:41 PM he doesn't want a sub.... not
now.. he's told
me that from the
beginning.. so i'd never
expect a collar from
him.... and he knows not
to expect anything other
than talk and
flirting from me.. we're
good friends

Lani~{ron} 1/2/02 12:50 PM where are you at?

AngelEyes 1/2/02 12:51 PM lurking in another palace....
need me back

Lani~{ron} 1/2/02 12:51 PM come here please,, it is the

AngelEyes 1/2/02 12:52 PM y?

Lani~{ron} 1/2/02 12:53 PM just one of the God's here
wanted to talk to
you about James is all

AngelEyes 1/2/02 12:54 PM where too?

Lani~{ron} 1/2/02 12:54 PM

AngelEyes 1/2/02 12:54 PM i'm there.... what room

Lani~{ron} 1/2/02 12:54 PM Nile of Journey

AngelEyes 1/2/02 11:17 PM On Friday, January 4th 2002,
The union of
Prometheus and mythica
will be celebrated in a
gathering at Breathless
Due to time differences
and work schedules,
W/we will try to be there
off and on all
during the day, but
during the hours of 4-6 PM
central W/we are sure to
be there to visit
with all those wishing to
We hope that A/all O/our
friends will join
U/us at thelxepeia's for
some fun and

Lani~{ron} 1/3/02 9:23 AM i am sorry if you don't approve

AngelEyes 1/3/02 9:23 AM why did you change again?

AngelEyes 1/3/02 9:24 AM a cap isn't going to gain

Lani~{ron} 1/3/02 9:25 AM because something happen last
night, and i
felt a Dom part of me, i
need to explore it
and see if it is me or
not, i never got to be
a Dom in a private
surroundings before with a
boy, i sort of liked it

AngelEyes 1/3/02 9:26 AM well, then a Domme doesn't act
like a slave
with Dom's ..... there's
no in between really

AngelEyes 1/3/02 9:42 AM if going to be Domme, which is
fine... been
there.. don't act sub
with the Doms.... its
going to confuse you more
is all.....sorry.

Lani~{ron} 1/3/02 9:43 AM when alone with a Dom, a Women
can act which
ever way,,

AngelEyes 1/3/02 9:43 AM if want to be mistaken for
total sub..... yes

Lani~{ron} 1/3/02 9:44 AM i left the main gate out of
respect to you
hon, because i can't be
in same place as james

AngelEyes 1/3/02 9:45 AM either need to work it out...
or get over it..
no reason to run, He's a
big boy am sure can
handle it

Lani~{ron} 1/3/02 9:51 AM no i will run cause i can't
handle it

Lani~{ron} 1/3/02 9:52 AM i need to explore and learn my
home anyway,
good time to do it

AngelEyes 1/3/02 9:53 AM =smiles= aii

Lani~{ron} 1/3/02 10:06 AM laffs, he is a big boy and
can handle it
huh??? he is not
answering whispers and
ignores me,,

AngelEyes 1/3/02 12:56 PM am sorry if upset you

Lani~{ron} 1/3/02 12:57 PM no big deal

AngelEyes 1/3/02 12:57 PM yeah it is, to me

Lani~{ron} 1/3/02 12:58 PM just wish you could see it
from my point of
view, yes he is a nice
person, but i can't be
in a Home where he is at
all the time,, i am

AngelEyes 1/3/02 12:58 PM he's not here alllllllllllll
the time hun

Lani~{ron} 1/3/02 12:59 PM well he poppd in and out of
the gate yesterday
like a damn yo yo at one
point,, wouldn't come
on in

AngelEyes 1/3/02 12:59 PM was lex at gate? probably
not......... plus at
times his connection to
BS sucks

Lani~{ron} 1/4/02 9:30 AM have you seen Dar?

AngelEyes 1/4/02 9:31 AM no.... why

Lani~{ron} 1/4/02 9:31 AM was just wondering is all

AngelEyes 1/4/02 9:31 AM stay away from Dar lani...
He's taken

Lani~{ron} 1/4/02 9:32 AM hey, i can have friends thank
you very much
and take it lightly being

AngelEyes 1/4/02 9:32 AM wasn't a threat, was a
statement.. His sub a
friend, and doesn't like
Him flirting

Lani~{ron} 1/4/02 9:33 AM well, He can have friends, He
is a Master and
can do what He wishes

AngelEyes 1/4/02 9:34 AM aii, =smiles sweetly= He

Lani~{ron} 1/4/02 9:35 AM surprised your not tell me to
stay away from
Iceman too lex

AngelEyes 1/4/02 9:36 AM that's His job

Lani~{ron} 1/4/02 9:37 AM confused

Lani~{ron} 1/4/02 9:37 AM in that case wouldn't it be
Dar's job to tell
me to stay away also?

AngelEyes 1/4/02 9:39 AM mmmmm.... but Dar is a
sweetie.. and lex's
friend about a year or
more... and am sure, He
will... but also,
trying to get YOU to see
what YOUR doing....
moving from one to the
other in hopes one will
give what you want..
respect yourself first..
just tossing from one
male to the next won't
get you what you want

Lani~{ron} 1/4/02 9:41 AM laffs, you think you know me
but you don't

AngelEyes 1/4/02 9:41 AM only know what my eyes see....
lex wishes you
the best.. actions speak
louder than words..

AngelEyes 1/4/02 11:09 AM Let's not forget to stop into
breathless.chatn.net 6969
( )
congratualations on
their joining. There's a
link at the
Breathless Gate to the
room which is being
used for this joyous
celebration of the start
of anew.

Come on in, wish them
well... tiz open all day
to celebrate, have fun
and perhaps get to meet
new faces :)

lex wishes A/all a good
day and safe journey.


AngelEyes 1/4/02 11:14 AM Let's not forget to stop into
breathless.chatn.net 6969
( )
congratualations to
Prometheus and mythica
on their joining.
There's a link at the
Breathless Gate to the
room which is being used
for this joyous
celebration of the start
of anew.

Come on in, wish them
well... tiz open all day
to celebrate, have fun
and perhaps get to meet
new faces :)

lex wishes A/all a good
day and safe journey.


Lani~{ron} 1/4/02 11:15 AM delete me, and my rooms in
Bs,, and don't ever
warn a friend of mine
again about staying away
from me,, good bye

AngelEyes 1/4/02 11:16 AM ummmm.... that was already
done.. and didn't

AngelEyes 1/4/02 11:21 AM and if was a friend......
wouldn't listen to
warnings even if did..
they'd come to own

Lani~{ron} 1/8/02 6:32 AM smiles bright do a update on
my profile in q,
things have changed

Lani~{ron} 1/8/02 9:47 AM beleive it or not, i have no
harsh feelings,
and I am sorry that Dar
has left Bs also

AngelEyes 1/8/02 9:50 AM nor does lex... it's a shame
he had to leave
chat totally...
hopefully will return

Lani~{ron} 1/8/02 9:50 AM yes He will be back

AngelEyes 1/8/02 9:51 AM am sure of that...

Lani~{ron} 1/8/02 9:53 AM have you talked to em, is she
doing ok?

AngelEyes 1/8/02 9:55 AM she's just fine..

Lani~{ron} 1/8/02 9:55 AM that is good

AngelEyes 1/8/02 10:26 AM so when we get to meet the
light of Your life?

Lani~{ron} 1/8/02 10:31 AM grins bright, well we call
Nile home, but He
is shy and still
exploring his submisive heart

AngelEyes 1/8/02 10:40 AM oh so never was sub before?

Lani~{ron} 1/8/02 10:41 AM yes was sub but just still

Lani~{ron} 1/9/02 11:33 PM look for Dar, have you seen

AngelEyes 1/10/02 2:41 AM yes i've seen Dar

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 6:26 AM sorry, i missed you,, did he
go to Bs? how
is he doing?

AngelEyes 1/10/02 9:43 AM yes, He's back at Bs

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 9:44 AM that is great,,

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 9:44 AM I hope He is happy

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 9:44 AM I miss him so much

AngelEyes 1/10/02 9:45 AM and?

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 9:45 AM what you mean,,,, and?

AngelEyes 1/10/02 9:46 AM just seemed like a thought
that wasn't

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 9:47 AM well guess time,,, only time
will complete it

AngelEyes 1/10/02 9:47 AM think it's finished.... there
was nothing to
complete as nothing was

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 9:48 AM that is what you think,, but
will see tonight

AngelEyes 1/10/02 9:48 AM tonight?

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 9:49 AM Dar was in Bs yesterday right?

AngelEyes 1/10/02 9:49 AM yes

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 9:49 AM ok, thank you,, that is what i
needed to know

AngelEyes 1/10/02 9:50 AM =chuckles=

AngelEyes 1/10/02 10:37 AM leave him be,, let him palace
in peace... He
just wants to have fun
and relax

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 10:41 AM what do you mean?

AngelEyes 1/10/02 10:42 AM if he wants to be
your 'friend' he'll come to
you don't hunt him down

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 10:42 AM oh darling believe me, He will
be comign to ME

AngelEyes 1/10/02 10:43 AM oh? i doubt that

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 10:43 AM laffs

AngelEyes 1/10/02 10:43 AM by the way, it's spelled laughs

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 10:44 AM laffing major time, duh

AngelEyes 1/10/02 10:44 AM =chuckles= you are a major
piece of work..
such a shame lex thought
it was all good

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 10:45 AM it is a shame lex can't keep
her noise out of
everyones business too

AngelEyes 1/10/02 10:45 AM Dar is my best friend.. He
would do same for

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 10:46 AM and He is also a grown man
that can make up
his own mind

AngelEyes 1/10/02 10:46 AM and when a Talena RUNS to lex
for help.. tells
her all her problems..
and lex tried hard to
help .. then acts
totally DIFFERENT from what
she said she wanted....
it's a hopeless case

AngelEyes 1/10/02 10:47 AM =mimicks= oooh the men all
they do is use
me...... can't find a
good Master...
welllllllll sweets. when
ya toss ya ass at
EVERY MALE you meet...
who the hell would want