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2002-01-21 03:49:37 (UTC)

January 17, 2002 Lani: leans down and kisses my boy

22:32:41 - Status Log Opening
*** You now have god privileges.
Lani: leans down and kisses my boy
{ron}~Lani: Hello Mistress
{ron}~Lani: mmmm
Lani: hello boy
Lani: before i forget, you are to stop
wearing the Bs on name of Darius
Lani: understand?
{ron}~Lani: Yes Mistress
Lani: now will not be no enjoyment of any
kind till we come to some agreements, so guess everything
is put on hold till monday night
{ron}~Lani: some agreements??
Lani: nods
Lani: told you some things are going to change
Lani: you ARE going to stop topping me
{ron}~Lani: nods yes You did say that Mistress..
Lani: and being the fact things are changing
so,, you will have the right to say no,, and remove the
collar and move on with your life
{ron}~Lani: Mistress?
Lani: yes boy?
{ron}~Lani: boy does not wish to have control of
his collar...wants that to be Mistress' choice only
Lani: nods
Lani: well not enough time to go into this
tonigh,, just wish you can come to me instead of going to
see others first,, but oh well
{ron}~Lani: but boy was already there ....did not
speak...only said what had to be said and left...
Lani: already where?
{ron}~Lani: boy was in TH.....and talked to the
people from Bs on Q
Lani: it is ok
Lani: i am not going to freak out over those
things no more, going to tell you the way it is, and if you
like it great, if not,, well to bad
{ron}~Lani: that the way boy likes
things...straight up...no crap
Lani: well that the way you going to get it
from now on
{ron}~Lani: :nodsnods
{ron}~Lani: boy understands Mistress
Lani: good boy
Lani: now you need sleep,, so go, and we will
finish all this come monday night
{ron}~Lani: ok Mistress
Lani: sweet dreams boy and have a fun , safe