Angela Nicole

2002-01-21 03:48:19 (UTC)


I'm done being pist.. HE IS GREAT... I'm fallin for him
pretty hard.. Which is totally not like me.. Ever since I
broke up with my ex that I dated for like 2 1/2 years I try
not to get close to anyone just so I wont get hurt
again..With him its impossible not to get attached.. He
always makes me smile.. tells me how beautiful I am.. tells
me he loves me all the time...HE IS SUCH AN AWSOME DORK
(kisses baby).. He is the only guy that treats me how I
should be treated or how any girl should be treated for
that matter.. He is very repsectful and actually cares to
hear what you have to say.. its aswome.. Im so not used to
it.. its wicked cool.. Well, I'll write more about him
later But i gotta go for now cause im talking to him


PS.. I love you Matt Whole Bunches xoxoxox