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2002-01-21 03:47:01 (UTC)

January 16, 2002 first day without my boy

2002-01-16 22:41:51 (GMT)

first day without my boy

lets see how do i describe my day,, i went to Nile a lil
while this morning, but just couldn't handle hanging around
there,, so went to ,, went to,, gosh I don't even know
what to call it no more, always thought of it as Mine and
rons,, but,, well went there and started working on some
scripts, realized my borg was screwed up so spent most of
the day working on that.

I tried talking to blackstone and even paul today, but my
heart just wasn't into it so went back to mine and ron's
place, gave up and just going to hang there.

I been trying to think all this through and yet my head
will not let me think, all I keep thinking about is how
much I already miss my boy.

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