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2002-01-21 03:46:23 (UTC)

JAnuary 16, 2002 My boy and i had another arguement

2002-01-16 03:19:44 (GMT)


My boy and i had another arguement last night, and yet
again tonight i feel anger and hurt building up inside of
me.. Bs where we both use to go, was having a lil party
thing tonight for someone, and i told him that if he wanted
to go he could, i would wait for him.

He said would be fast....

{ron}~Lani: does Mistress mind if I go....I am not
gonna stay long ...got things to tend to here...grinz...

it is almost a hour now,, and he hasn't come back,, time
now is 10:20 by my putor and i told him last night i needed
to start getting off here at 11 not gettin sleep wasn't
good for my health.

I guess that I come in second when it comes to his friends
which he seems to like being with them.

Tiurns and walks out hurt again.

Thinks about just giving up, going back to being just a
fuck slut and