My Online Diary- type thing
2002-01-21 03:43:22 (UTC)

Boring sunday...

Listening to: Radiohead- Idioteque
Laugh until my head comes off.. women and children first..
women and children first...
Drinking- nothing
Mood- ehhhh whiny, bitchy...not good
Thinking- 2 more days! 2 more days! oh wow.. Its been 4
months already?

So ok these weeks of noncommunication... its not cool.. its
pissing me off! Now we (me and dan) dont even go to the
same school, what will this mean? is this going to die? I
guess kris was right.. it would totally totally totally
suck ass if it has to end this way.. and this is not even
like i moved.. aaaahhhh!!! Nothing in the world would suck
more.. but thinking about it now... I get to see once a
week if even that! He never calls.. well I never call
either but I have a calling people phobia or something.. so
its his fault! lol.. ok not really.. cant blame it all on
him.. we talk sometimes online.. but that can't be put in
place of anything! Ugh this sucks! I haven't even started
at Law and I'm already bitching! UGH! JUST... WHATEVER! I
need a job LoL. an actual job where money is involved. I
::Sigh:: i have to wait an hour until dan gets back online
and but i want to sleeep. oh whatever.. Ill just go lie
down. good night!