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2002-01-21 03:39:55 (UTC)

January 10, 2002 lex q log from 1-10-02

2002-01-10 16:27:44 (GMT)

lex q log from 1-10-02

Lani~{ron} 1/9/02 11:33 PM look for Dar, have you seen

AngelEyes 1/10/02 2:41 AM yes i've seen Dar

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 6:26 AM sorry, i missed you,, did he
go to Bs? how
is he doing?

AngelEyes 1/10/02 9:43 AM yes, He's back at Bs

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 9:44 AM that is great,,

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 9:44 AM I hope He is happy

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 9:44 AM I miss him so much

AngelEyes 1/10/02 9:45 AM and?

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 9:45 AM what you mean,,,, and?

AngelEyes 1/10/02 9:46 AM just seemed like a thought
that wasn't complete

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 9:47 AM well guess time,,, only time
will complete it

AngelEyes 1/10/02 9:47 AM think it's finished.... there
was nothing to complete as nothing was started

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 9:48 AM that is what you think,, but
will see tonight

AngelEyes 1/10/02 9:48 AM tonight?

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 9:49 AM Dar was in Bs yesterday right?

AngelEyes 1/10/02 9:49 AM yes

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 9:49 AM ok, thank you,, that is what i
needed to know

AngelEyes 1/10/02 9:50 AM =chuckles=

AngelEyes 1/10/02 10:37 AM leave him be,, let him palace
in peace... He just wants to have fun and relax

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 10:41 AM what do you mean?

AngelEyes 1/10/02 10:42 AM if he wants to be
your 'friend' he'll come to you don't hunt him down

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 10:42 AM oh darling believe me, He will
be comign to ME tonight

AngelEyes 1/10/02 10:43 AM oh? i doubt that

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 10:43 AM laffs

AngelEyes 1/10/02 10:43 AM by the way, it's spelled laughs

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 10:44 AM laffing major time, duh

AngelEyes 1/10/02 10:44 AM =chuckles= you are a major
piece of work..such a shame lex thought it was all good

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 10:45 AM it is a shame lex can't keep
her noise out of everyones business too

AngelEyes 1/10/02 10:45 AM Dar is my best friend.. He
would do same for me.

Lani~{ron} 1/10/02 10:46 AM and He is also a grown man
that can make up his own mind

AngelEyes 1/10/02 10:46 AM and when a Talena RUNS to lex
for help.. tells her all her problems.. and lex tried hard
to help .. then acts totally DIFFERENT from what she said
she wanted.... it's a hopeless case hun

AngelEyes 1/10/02 10:47 AM =mimicks= oooh the men all
they do is use me...... can't find a good Master...
welllllllll sweets. when ya toss ya ass at EVERY MALE you
meet... who the hell would want it?