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2002-01-21 03:35:48 (UTC)

January 6, 2002 Mistress first punishment

2002-01-06 03:27:48 (GMT)

Mistress first punishment

I don't think i will ever forget this day, it was hard on
me, i never thought it would be this hard either. I think
this was when i truely realized how much my boy had come to
mean to me.

It was friday, thursday night i sat here at putor later
then i should have waiting on my boy because he said he
would be on that night. Well he never showed up, and i was
upset yes but not mad.

When he came online friday morning we talked a lil bit and
come to find out he was partying at home with a friend.. ok
i was a lil more upset and told him about it.. told him
that from now on, i would appreciate it if he could at
least let me know when he isn't coming online.

Well he asked forgiveness and i gave it, but as the day
went by he kept bringing it up and that he was wrong, and
felt so bad about me waiting for him. i kept telling him
he was forgiven and it was ok. yes that didn't seem to be
enought for him, so i got really pissed and told him to go
to his room stay there till i called him

i left my putor to have some time to think, i was more mad
and upset at the fact he hadn't taken my forgiveness and
kept argueing with me. I knew i had to punish him but what
or how,, i went to him and told him he had to stay there,
no travels, do certain things to O/our palace and i would
be back online in alittle while.. On my way to town i kept
trying to think about how or what ways to punish him. I
never thought this would be as has as it was. I didn't want
to but i knew i had to.

when i got home he had done everything i told him to do, i
was so proud, he begged forgivenss again, and i scolded him
pretty hard about accepting my forgivenss because it might
not come to often. Some Mistress's might have punished
more and deeper but i felt like that wait alone, waiting
for me to return it gave him time to think about what he
did and not knowing what i was going to do well was enough