emo kween

i hug pillows
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2002-01-21 03:01:51 (UTC)

went to maryland

i wrote this last nite when i was in maryland with nicole
at her grandmas....

hey whats up not much here im sittin here with nicole and
shes eatin ice cream and doin the "shuffle" hahaha. anyways
how was your day, mine was crazy. she woke me up at the
light of day and then we were on our way..until we got

but in the mean time..she sang old lady commercials.
it was kinda funny. and then we talked about a guy we know
named 'adam bin laden' who since the 7-11 tragedy has
strangely become unpopular...and all he did was run his
bike into the SLurpee machine...

so next thing ya know, it started to snow. hmm. and then-
we got pulled over by a cop with a bag on his head. yes, a
plastic bag. hes the coolest. and then..we got to our
destination. and realized we had a flat tire. and we went
to church. where a lady wouldnt let go of her guitar for
one second. weird lady.

thennn- we went to a family partay. it was rockin. the
music was 'knee-slappin' good. HAHA!

and now were back here. it was fun. and crazy. and
wonderful. hahahaa. fun day, huh? yes.

oh and be sure to ask me or nicole about lauras car...when
the 'sparks were flyin'..HAHAHA.

hey, does our insurance cover surance??-said by nicole

and all i did today was drive home and type an essay for
english. blah blah.

and i havent talked to adam at all and i miss him. maybe he
will call me tonite. and i saw his profile in MOC and i was
like " AHH!!! LOOK BELO!!" haha i thought it was very cute.

oh did i write about friday nite?

mike and i went to starbucks and the show. talked to adam
some. went to va beach. met up with belo nicole and reese.
had fun in hotlines parking lot. and at wnedys met some
marines hahah. i meet the weirdest people!

and then we drove around and had fun and i got home and
went to bed.

actually, im gonna go to bed now. :] gnite.