mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-01-21 02:44:11 (UTC)

night time prayer....

now i lay me down to sleep....
the whole world thinks i'm a creep....
if i die before i wake,
the world will become a better place....
ill no longer be part of the rat race, soon someone else
will take my place.... another sucker to be played upon..
maybe soon they too will be gone.....

yes, my life does suck, and to believe for a time i
actually thought things were looking up for me.....HA!, i
must really be loosing my mind if i think i am ever gonna
be happy in this lifetime....
i cant even get anyone to swap w/me to give me fri night
off.... i might have one shot left , but if this works ,
then i will have to work a double, 3-11 then
super sucks, but then at least i will get fri off.....and
besides , that is the story of my life, nothing will ever
come easy to this kid....except pain & suffering...those i
will live with forever....

i should smile ! , why you ask ???? , because my life
totally SUCKS !!!!!