mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-01-21 02:11:09 (UTC)


now 2 nites w/o lisa comming online, she says it is cause
of my kids bein w/her.... i don't really believe that , as
she comes on when her kids are around, so why should this
stop her ?? besides , kids are watching a wrestleing ppv,
so she could come online.....but then there's sex & the
city on hbo, so she has to watch that.... plus switchin
back & forth from golden globe awards....
lets just face it , i rank way at bottom of list....
i really think i need to get far far away from it all for a
while....if anyone knows how i can go into hiding & get
away w/it , PLEASE let me know.....
i am sick of everything & everyone.... thought of running
away is getting stronger every day..
cant get time off from work till july , 6 more months
away, i know i am not gonna last that long.....
as willie nelson says---- TAKE THIS JOB & SHOVE IT !!!!
or more approprately, - Take my life & shove it !!!
everyone else is happy, why oh why can't i be happy too ???
why is it that i screw up everything that i say & do ???