Loo's Daily Affirmations
2002-01-21 00:34:07 (UTC)

It's been days....

Well, I haven't posted in days. Could be because I haven't
been near a computer. I called in sick on Thursday &
Friday. And I was sick. Of being at work. Of the
environment. I am very frustrated with work and feeling
like we are threatened all the time. It really is no way to
have to spend all of my workday. I am stressed.... BEsides
the fear of being laid off/demoted that we are all living
with, I feel like I am expected to mind read on
assignments. And I feel like we are getting blamed for
completing assignments incorrectly when we haven't ever
gotten a complete or accurate picture of how they should
have been completed.

So, anyway, I am here on a Sunday because I know no one
will be here to mess with me and I can get a lot done. In
peace. Including this journal entry. :)

I think I must be PMSing too. All I did the entire 2 days I
called in was lay around and nap. Well, I did go see "Black
Hawk Down" which was excellent. It was pretty weird going
in though, because it was Friday afternoon and the only
other people going in were men. I mean there were a couple
of women, but they were there with significant others. And
when I was going in there was a group of Guard members
dressed in fatigues. One of them stopped me to say "Um,
miss, this is 'Black Hawk Down', I think you must have been
looking for a different movie." I just let them know that I
knew where I was and that was what I was coming to see. It
made me laugh when I heard one of them behind me
saying "What a cool chick... wish my wife would like this

Well, I have plans for the evening, so I have to go. Sex
and the City comes on at 8 and I don't want to miss any of

BTW, still not smoking. :)