Don Juan

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2002-01-21 00:04:44 (UTC)

Just me

Tonight is just one more night in my life. Nothing special
is happening, no one will come for me, nothing. It's not
so bad when I think of it. I've had plenty of these
nights... one more won't hurt. It's just that bordom
begets wondering. Not wondering out in the woods or
something... just wondering about my life. If one thing,
any one thing, would have happened differently in my
life... would my be better, worse? Why wonder about these
things you may ask? Well.... I'm BORED!! If I hadn't
moved... if Stephanie had worked out... if I hadn't been a
drunk for so long... if Crystal had loved me too... if any
one of these things had happened, I believe whole heartedly
that my life wouldn't be so hard to deal with. In fact, I
don't think I'd even need a diary/journal. But they
didn't. So I am the man you see before you instead of a
better one.

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