Finding our Path
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2002-01-20 23:30:41 (UTC)

Lots of things going on.....

Hey people. Sorry I haven't written in a while, but it's
been real buzy. I don't know where I left off, and I'm too
lazy to see where I left off, so I'm just goona start with
my roommate.
I didn't have a rommate last semester, and so when I came
back this semester, I just bought enough stuff to full my
dorm. Well, stupid housing put me with a guy, and so I had
way too much.
As it turns out, this guy is a real idiot. First, he
called me a Niger, then he asked me "You want a piece of
this?", then he slit my cable cord.
I'm goona get ahold of the RA tonight or tomorrow morning,
and get this a..hole out of my room.
My friend Michele from last semester came up and visited,
and we did serveral different things together. It was great!

Classes are going alright. I don't know about PHYC though.
The teacher there is rather disorganized and its heard to
follow him and take notes and understand what he's saying.
He's nice, but just hard to follow. It's goona be a

In relationship news, there shipping my bf out in Feb.
Were goona try to spend some time together before he
leaves, but its goona be difficult. I hope they decide at
the last minute not to send him out, but I'm sure they are.
I love him, and i'll miss him very much

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