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Ravings of a Madman
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2002-01-20 22:48:08 (UTC)

Greener grounds, bluer skies

Good news is I don't feel as bad as I did this time last
year. Bad news is I was dumped. But it's ok. I'm pretty
much ok with it. I guess Kris is in the weird mode; she
won't talk to me still. I had to get dumped by Heather who
regretted every second of it because she thinks I'm a great
guy. I don't know how much of that is true, but I know
that I always end up getting the girls that "aren't ready
for a relationship." It's a curse. Perhaps I can find
someone who is ready and then I won't get that excuse
anymore. At least I'm free to be a flirt again. My
rejection abilities are coming back to me; I can recover
within a number of minutes. Not as impressive as before
when it was immediate recovery, but it takes time. I
really need my hair cut. It looks like it wants to be a
mullet and I can't be having that. Mullets = the devil's
haircut. Forget the horns and pitch fork, if the devil
were to come to me, he'd have a mullet just to frighten
me. Heather is going with me today to get my hair cut and
then we're going bowling. I hope I do better than last
time where I didn't even break 80. Boy, was that
embarrassing. I should go now, I'm getting tired. This is
your captain speaking, please remain in your seats with
your seatbelt on until the plane has departed.