a little piece of me
2002-01-20 22:29:47 (UTC)

last night

hung out with elizabeth, jessie, and ty last night. wasn't
too bad, i guess. we played spades (hehe, ty and i creamed
jessie and elizabeth. 500something to 315 or so). then we
played mad gab (jessie and i kicked some ass...beat
elizabeth, ty, and some girl from elizabeth's floor..ashley
maybe??). then, battle of the sexes. poor ty was on his
own team, but he didn't do too bad by himself. i kinda
cheated and helped him out every now and then. hehe it was
fun. my head was killing me, and being around them made me
kinda anxious for some reason. i guess just from all
that's been going on. i dunno really.

came home, took my lovely pink pill, then hopped online.
brett was on, so we talked for a while. i wanted so bad to
wrap my arms around him and hold him. he told me that he
has been upset, but is trying to be strong for me. is he
not the most beautiful guy? i wish so bad that things
could be different for us. i mean, if this wasn't my last
semester, and we had met sooner, i totally would have
transfered to NY to finish school. life's pretty shitty
that way i guess. anyway, we talked on the phone for a
little while. his voice is so soothing. i can just listen
to it and melt. anyway, my pill was making me really tired
and i couldn't focus for very long. plus my headache was
kicking my ass. i'm not sure if the hazy feeling was from
the meds, from being tired, stressed, or what. probably a
combination of everything. i'm still feeling really groggy
today. i didn't wake up until 1. i don't feel like doing
anything at all today. thank god i don't have class
tomorrow. i'd never make it. instead, jessie and i are
going to springfield. kinda waste some time. and money

i was supposed to talk to heather yesterday, then today. i
feel so bad for her. her family life is not the greatest.
she got in trouble, and part of her punishment is not
getting to talk to me. i just wish there was something i
could do to make her life better or easier. i know i
certainly don't help. i just add to her worries and
problems. i'm sorry heather. well, i'm gonna go lay
down. feeling kinda dizzy.