my crazy life, check it out...
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2001-04-18 03:33:04 (UTC)


Hello, it is me again. Thank you all for your lovely
feedback that I am getting. It is nice to know that people
care to let me know what's up.Thank you!!! I haven't been
up to much today. I worked and came home and chatted with
my girl Amy.(my only true best friend) cuz with the other
peeps I have to be someone else, or yet that is the way it
seems like for me. Let me tell you about myself real quick
okay?? since I never have:
I am 18/female
I write tons of poems to express my feelings
I work at an elderly assisted living facility (old people
are so sweet and yet some are sooo rude!!)
I am a sensitive and loud individual, yet I don't express
my feelings very well to people face to face. I hide stuff
very much so. that is why i look to this to help me write
out all my thoughts!!! right?
and I have a man named Tim, who I love very deeply. We
have been together for about a year and a half. It is great. But we always have our little problems,
which I will care to mention later, I always have stuff
flowing through my mind 24/7. !!

Here is a poem I wrote about how quite often I feel about
certain friendships of mine:

How silly that I can't be part of your dramatic lifestyle
again. I'm just another one of your non-resident outcasted
accessories thrown aside from your fluently well-balanced
life. I was the ornament hung on your tree for some time,
then you took me off because I was too old, too worn out
for you. You needed something better, not plain simple me.
I'm the one with the problem now, I am so nice to you, but
I can't realize why? You've taken me from being this once
presently well treated person,the high priced ornament, to
something so much the ornament thrown away.

I guess I am a crazy individual, what do you think?? well,
people's I have got to head off. Tim gets home about now.
Tell me what's up in your life. I am always up to hear from
anyone about anything!!! bye !!!goodnight!!:)

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