Evil Elvis
2002-01-20 21:34:48 (UTC)


Does anyone elses head buzz almost constantly?!?! I dunno
what the fucks wrong with me recently, I cant concentrate
at all, cant eat, cant sleep...brain has gone entirely and
utterly mad....

Stuff that's happened...weird fucked up shit...I dunno,
isnt it amazing how people never fail to amaze you?! Like
me, I'm always the bad guy, I do the fucked up shit that
makes everyone fall out n stuff (well I did til I quit
drinking) yet some people dont have that excuse and act in
sucha way as to make everyone else feel throughly
uncomfortable...and for why!?!?! You tell me, cos I am
totally and completely in the dark....

Louise (the psycho stalker, remember her?!) spent most of
Friday night texting me....fortunately I didnt get home to
find her on my doorstep (this time!!) I went from being the
most amazing important thing in her life to being a total
wanker (I hate that word, so very english!) in the space of
3 text messages....a record even for me!

Spent a lot of time talking to Maz over the weekend, god
she is so cool. I wish I could really talk to her and tell
her how amazing she is n stuff, but I get the impression
that it doesnt go over so well with her-which is a pity cos
she realy is! She was telling me about how she may be going
to stay with her brother, in yorkshire no less....damn near
broke my heart, but if it's for the best for her then I
need to not say anthing...see, nice guys truly do finish
last....and who'd have thought I'd ever say I was a nice

Still smoking :( Cant seem to quit this time, and that's
driving me mad, I will not be defeated!!! I've done it
before and had to force myself to start again, I will not
do it again!

Ah fuck it!