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2002-01-20 21:30:02 (UTC)

this weekend

friday night- i was gonna go ice skating but then it was
cancelled so i went to chellyn's dads house with jess d and
jamie. it was fun, but jess was sick so she took some
medicine and a bath and she felt better. then we watched
cruel intentions, but then we were interrupted when we got
a phone call from chellyns bro (michael, mike) at her moms
house sayin ryan (jamie bro and mikes friend)had passed out
or somethin, bc he was drunk. now it was about 2am. we went
across the street to chellyns sisters(nikki)house (bc we
couldnt stay at her dads bc we'd wake him up) and ryan and
mike came over.ryan was ok. we talked for like an hour then
went home and watched the rest of the movie. than after the
movie it was like 4 so we all went to sleep.

saturday- we woke up at like 9:45 bc jess had to go to her
game, but when she left, we went back to sleep. then later
we started watching what women want but then we had to go
to chellyns moms house bc jamie was being picked up there.
then we were talkin and we said we was gonna go to my
house, but jamie couldnt come so chellyn came over and she
was supposed to stay til 9:30 but then she slept over

saturday night- chris kindof asked me out, he just said he
liked me and that he wanted some and we talked about that
for a while,and we played bop it a lot, that was really
fun. we were talking about what i was gonna wear to the
lock-in sunday night and i said i was gonna wear this pink
shirt and she is like, the pink and white one? i was like
no its pink and red and i looked for it for like 15 minutes
to prove to her it was pink and red, and she was luahging
and shes like, yu wanna know what happened to it? erica
took it, at your party and she explained it to me. we was
laughing the whole night bc i mean what a freak! who goes
to yur friends house and steals their shirts? she got
clothes of her own! what a weird girl.

sunday- chellyn and i woke at like 11:35 . we ate then she
left at 1. then i got online and started talkin to erica
and sarah. here is our convo:

LiL Ca StAr (3:25:30 PM): is michelyn still over there?
Laxchiclett323 (3:25:36 PM): no
LiL Ca StAr (3:25:40 PM): ok
Laxchiclett323 (3:25:43 PM): is erica stillover?
LiL Ca StAr (3:25:46 PM): yes
Laxchiclett323 (3:25:54 PM): tell her i want my shirt back
LiL Ca StAr (3:25:58 PM): she sunck my battle ship
LiL Ca StAr (3:26:09 PM): what shirt?
Laxchiclett323 (3:26:11 PM): oh sry
LiL Ca StAr (3:26:14 PM): ok
Laxchiclett323 (3:26:40 PM): the one she wore to school the
other day the pink and red and white one from ae that she
stole at my party
Laxchiclett323 (3:26:46 PM): i want to wear it tongiht!
Laxchiclett323 (3:27:30 PM): tell erica im not that dumb,
ik you took it from me
LiL Ca StAr (3:27:40 PM): i do't ahve a pink and white
LiL Ca StAr (3:27:59 PM): she said why would i steal your
shirt, it wouldn't fit me
Laxchiclett323 (3:28:13 PM): ik its pink with red with a
white collar
Laxchiclett323 (3:28:46 PM): yeah yu even wore to school on
tuesday or somethin
LiL Ca StAr (3:29:29 PM): it's not like that
Laxchiclett323 (3:29:36 PM): huh?
LiL Ca StAr (3:29:53 PM): mine doesn't look like that
it's all pink with a white color
LiL Ca StAr (3:30:09 PM): coller*
Laxchiclett323 (3:30:25 PM): you mean MINE doesnt look like
LiL Ca StAr (3:30:34 PM): no
Laxchiclett323 (3:30:39 PM): come on!!! i was planning on
wearing ittongiht
LiL Ca StAr (3:30:50 PM): yeah but i don't have it
Laxchiclett323 (3:31:03 PM): whadda mean ? where'd it go?
LiL Ca StAr (3:31:16 PM): idk i don't have your shirt!
Laxchiclett323 (3:31:32 PM): well yu DID, where is it now?
Laxchiclett323 (3:32:11 PM): erica gimme my fukn shirt
back! i aint that stupid, i KNOW you tookit
Laxchiclett323 (3:33:03 PM): yeah, i know, but i dont know
why you stole it, i even saw you wear it to fukn school
smart one
Laxchiclett323 (3:33:09 PM): that day we were both late
Laxchiclett323 (3:33:44 PM): you were wearin my shirt and i
said i had the same one but then when i got home, it wasnt
there and ik you fukn took my
LiL Ca StAr (3:34:12 PM): ok i don't have your shirt so
um ok
Laxchiclett323 (3:34:35 PM): omg! I know yu do so dont deny
LiL Ca StAr (3:34:47 PM): but i don't
Laxchiclett323 (3:35:01 PM): where'd it go then?
LiL Ca StAr (3:35:59 PM): i don't fuckin know
Laxchiclett323 (3:36:36 PM): well are ya gonna find out?!?!?
LiL Ca StAr (3:36:47 PM): i don't have it
Laxchiclett323 (3:37:11 PM): wow i just started to think
you were my loyal good friend again
Laxchiclett323 (3:37:28 PM): erica, i want it back
LiL Ca StAr (3:37:36 PM): i didn't steal it i told you
Laxchiclett323 (3:37:50 PM): erica, i know for a fact you
Laxchiclett323 (3:38:16 PM): what did yu wear to school on
tuesday or wednesday
LiL Ca StAr (3:38:24 PM): i know for a fact that i
didn't, non of your clothes would fit you your too fuckin
Laxchiclett323 (3:38:50 PM): but i know for a fact you
hadit bc you wore it to SCHOOL
LiL Ca StAr (3:39:10 PM): tues. i was wearing my big blue
sweatshirt, wedseday i wore my pink swearter
Laxchiclett323 (3:42:52 PM): no that day we were both late
to school and we went to art together,
LiL Ca StAr (3:43:27 PM): erica's in the bathroom
LiL Ca StAr (3:44:50 PM): what day was it?
Laxchiclett323 (3:46:02 PM): i dont remeber, maybe a monday
or a tuesday fo last last week
LiL Ca StAr (3:46:56 PM): who am i suppost to remember
last last week
LiL Ca StAr (3:47:06 PM): *how
Laxchiclett323 (3:47:10 PM): with your memory
LiL Ca StAr (3:47:55 PM): i have a short term memory
Laxchiclett323 (3:48:36 PM): well thats not my problem...
my problem is yu stole my shirt and i want it back
LiL Ca StAr (3:49:28 PM): well my problem is i didn't
steal your shirt so i can't give it back
Laxchiclett323 (3:49:35 PM): look: i have to admitt i
thought it was funny at first but if you just give it back
to me i wont be mad and i'll never mention it again
Laxchiclett323 (3:50:00 PM): my last offer and if this dont
work, i m still gonna try
LiL Ca StAr (3:50:01 PM): ya know i would do that but i
didn't take it
Laxchiclett323 (3:50:13 PM): this is erica, right
LiL Ca StAr (3:50:31 PM): well then it's not your last
LiL Ca StAr (3:50:36 PM): yes
Laxchiclett323 (3:50:45 PM): yes, its my last NICE offer
Laxchiclett323 (3:51:03 PM): after this im gonna involve
other people
LiL Ca StAr (3:51:16 PM): umm ok
Laxchiclett323 (3:51:50 PM): i dont want to, but yur
forcing me to
Laxchiclett323 (3:51:57 PM): like adults i mean
Laxchiclett323 (3:52:17 PM): come on i dont want to hate
you just bc yu took my shirt
LiL Ca StAr (3:52:23 PM): i didn't take it and if i did i
would give it back
Laxchiclett323 (3:53:55 PM): but the thing is , i dont
believe you didnt take it bc it missing, and you wore it to
school, and also something els
Laxchiclett323 (3:53:59 PM): else*
LiL Ca StAr (3:55:06 PM): well did you ever think that
you miss placed it?
Laxchiclett323 (3:56:24 PM): yes at first but then i looked
everywhere and you WORE THE SAME EXACT SHIRT TO SCHOOL and
its an old style that IK you dont have and you all of a
sudden have this shirt that i dont AND it has been missing
since my party
LiL Ca StAr (3:57:23 PM): ok but i was with sarah the
whole time of the party
LiL Ca StAr (3:58:38 PM): ok
Laxchiclett323 (3:58:43 PM): no you chellyn and sarah were
in my room, then chellyn and sarah went out of the room
real quick to get something, then they came back and it was
LiL Ca StAr (3:59:41 PM): how would you know if it was
gone then if you said you just noteiced it missing a couple
of days ago
Laxchiclett323 (4:00:18 PM): bc someone noticed at the
party and told me A COUPLE DAYS AGO
LiL Ca StAr (4:00:38 PM): who?
Laxchiclett323 (4:00:47 PM): cant say
LiL Ca StAr (4:01:19 PM): then how do i know your not
Laxchiclett323 (4:02:15 PM): by trusting me and by the
proof i have already shown you and bc you know you took it
but are denying it and just want my damn shirt
LiL Ca StAr (4:03:40 PM): look: i dont have ur fuckin
shirt...there would be no point in taking it cause i have
my own clothes...its ok if u think im poor and that i steal
stuff...but im not very poor and i can afford clothes so i
wont steal ur gay shirt....stop blamming me...i didnt take
Laxchiclett323 (4:05:04 PM): omg fine but i dot believe you
i dont think yur poor and i KNOW yu took it and this is
ruinin our friendship bc you cant fukn give it back to me
Laxchiclett323 (4:05:12 PM): dont*
LiL Ca StAr (4:05:21 PM): how do you know someone eles
didn't take it and blam it on me, other people were in your
room too
Laxchiclett323 (4:05:48 PM): yeah but you wore it to school
and i saw u and even told yu i had the same shirt
LiL Ca StAr (4:06:06 PM): no didn't
Laxchiclett323 (4:06:27 PM): yes yu did
LiL Ca StAr (4:06:41 PM): ok erica just left
Laxchiclett323 (4:06:59 PM): yeah w/e
LiL Ca StAr (4:07:21 PM): she did
Laxchiclett323 (4:07:27 PM): ok ok fine
LiL Ca StAr (4:07:40 PM): ok
LiL Ca StAr (4:07:49 PM): so what's up?
Laxchiclett323 (4:08:23 PM): i hate erica bc she stole my
Laxchiclett323 (4:08:28 PM): yu?
LiL Ca StAr (4:08:53 PM): she didn't steal it why would
Laxchiclett323 (4:09:01 PM): i dont know why, ask her
LiL Ca StAr (4:09:11 PM): she's not here
Laxchiclett323 (4:09:38 PM): i want being literal
Laxchiclett323 (4:09:43 PM): wasnt*
LiL Ca StAr (4:09:43 PM): she didn't fuckin steal your
shirt i know that for a fact, why would she, she wouldn't
fit in it anyways you smaller then her!
Laxchiclett323 (4:10:51 PM): look whoever this is, i know
she did and imnot backin down til i get my fukn shirt back
and sheWOULD fit into it, its big on me and ik bc she wore
it to school and it sure as hell did fit her!
LiL Ca StAr (4:11:50 PM): this is sarah
LiL Ca StAr (4:12:24 PM): and no she wouldn't your to
small and skiny! i know what shirt your talkin about, and
why would she steal your fucking clothes
Laxchiclett323 (4:13:27 PM): sarah i know she took it for a
fact, so fuck off already! why are you bein so mean to ME?
i didnt do shit to yu
LiL Ca StAr (4:14:13 PM): i'm not being mean but erica
would fuckin steal your shirt
Laxchiclett323 (4:14:35 PM): ik she would. she did.
LiL Ca StAr (4:14:56 PM): no she didn't
Laxchiclett323 (4:15:41 PM): sarah you KNOW she did and so
do i but you cant say it bc erica s like your goof friend
and SHE's still there im not that dumb
LiL Ca StAr (4:16:18 PM): she's not here call her house
and ask for her i swaer shes' not
Laxchiclett323 (4:16:36 PM): ok i will
LiL Ca StAr (4:16:51 PM): ok
Laxchiclett323 (4:17:01 PM): shes not there
Laxchiclett323 (4:17:05 PM): i just called
LiL Ca StAr (4:17:26 PM): i don't know if she's there
yet, call in like 2 or 4 minutes she left liek a couple of
minutes ago
Laxchiclett323 (4:17:40 PM): yea yea ok
Laxchiclett323 (4:17:55 PM): but she did! ik she did! she
even wore it to school
LiL Ca StAr (4:18:39 PM): well i don't think she did why
would she steal your shirt? she's got money she doens't
have to steal things
Laxchiclett323 (4:21:11 PM): ik she does, and im not
doubting that. and idk why she would but ik she did or
least she wore it to school the other day
LiL Ca StAr (4:21:49 PM): ok w/e you wanna THINK but she
didn't steal it
Laxchiclett323 (4:22:36 PM): nvm lets just not talk about
it i dont wanna be mad at yu too
LiL Ca StAr (4:22:48 PM): fine