The meanderings of a mind
2002-01-20 21:15:01 (UTC)

honey mustard

It's cold in my room. I'd turn on the heat, but that
just blows out cold air. I'm sitting at my desk trying not
to be cold looking at my honey mustard. It came from
Wendy's. I like Wendy's. Yum. I wish I had some now.
Their honey mustard is the best. I dip my fries in it. I
didn't wake up until 2 today. Well I slept at a friends
house, I think I was too drunk to walk. I walked home a
little after nine this morning. The cold air didn't do
much to help me out. I felt like crap. When I got back to
my dorm the scent of girls, cloying perfumes that smell
worse than BO permeated the hall. I hadn't eaten for at
least 12 hours, but my stomach lurched. I made it to my
hallway before my body sent off alerts. My hand trembled
as I unlocked the door to my room. I dropped my coat and
scarf, tore off my gloves and bolted towards the bathroom.
The cleaning lady was doing her job and the heavy scent of
deoderizer and cleaner nearly knocked me down. I of course
threw up, oddly enough there was nothing there...just clear
liquid. I felt a little better and came back to my room
and drank a little hot diet dr. pepper. My throat was a
little parched. I laid down again and it wasn't long
before I was running back to the bathroom...Ummm Dr.
Pepper...BAD idea. After that I slept until two
something. I would have slept longer but I think my
English book was yelling that I had a hundred odd pages to
read as well as 5 other classes that had not consumed my
due attention on this lovely Sunday. I still feel like
crap. I miss my boyfriend. He drove home early this
morning and I always worry about him. If something
happened someone would get in touch with me right? I've
called twice. I want to call again but I am keeping my
mind busy. Some how writing this keeps my mind busier then
Ben Franklin. Getting a break for MLK DAY isnt too much of
a break. Like I have nothing better to do, my professors
want to give me twice as much homework so I don't get
bored. Why? My room is messy, what's new. I should eat
something. I had hot chocolate. That counts I guess. I
of course spilled some of it on my pants. Way to go me. I
forgot to call my grandma on her birthday. I feel bad but
not bad enough to call. I am horrible. I'd rather just
sit here and wait for Aaron. I want to tell him I love
him. It's funny. I never forget that I love him, but
sometimes I forget how important he is to my happiness if
that is possible. Just listening to his voice on the
answering machine makes me smile. I'd prolly call and
listen and hang up and listen and hang up and listen and
hang up if I knew my calls wouldn't show up on his caller
ID. I don't know what makes you realize that someone is
the ONE, but I know he is. I think I don't want to eat
cause I want to go out with him, but I don't know where he
is, or if he is ok and he made it home. I'm just gonna
stare at my honey mustard and remember when I got it and
wish I was playing hands papers rocks scissors bombs and
laughing so hard I cry cause I always cheat. Ben Frankin
will still be sitting in my window when insomnia strikes
and the Golden Girls are replaced by infomercials. I can't
watch those. I'll want to buy everything. Even though I
don't cook and could care less that while you roast a
turkey the fat drips off and the containers ingeniously
located on top of the small counter sized oven will keep
your green beans steaming and delicious. I hate greenbeans
unless they are mixed with corn.