Lemon Drop
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2002-01-20 21:00:46 (UTC)


Lemon Head,
Hey babes! whats new? lex was over from friday to saturday
so i couldnt rite but the steelers just won the football
game and i think we're going to the superbowl!! so happy!
but right now i thik olivia is over alexas house blech i'm
serously taking Brennan off my list i really dont like him
and i dont talk 2 him that much so how can i like him? ok
so i like 2 ppl.. thats not that bad....is it? o well w/e..
i'm bored and cold and my dads shopping right now and im
sitting here complaining... gibbys bein really nice 4 some
reason.. i'm hunggy.. of course this the kinda stuff i
wanna remember in 20 yrs lol...


dadas home :'(