It smells like poop over here
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2002-01-20 20:33:09 (UTC)

drink, drank, punk!

i like anti-flag, they rule, and they're coming to town in
less than a month, so that's sweet. in the next few weeks,
im probably gonna see about 10 more shows. so many good
bands come to town in the winter, because no outside venues
are small enough for punk bands. but im with it, ill go
anywhere. i was thinking about algers, i really like my
job. i bitch about it a lot, cause i never get enough sleep
and i have to work anyway, but i make good money, with good
people and i don't think i've ever thought about
I've really got a lot goin for me, im in the process of
achieving my dream of becoming a pro wrestler, how many
people get to achieve their dreams? i've got a good job, im
goin to college, gettin myself and education and what not.
i have a group of really really close friends. i really
can't and shouldn't complain. no one ever really realizes
how good they have it anyway, i just didn, but i don't feel
lucky, i just want more, just like everyone else. greedy
america, and greedy me.
i guess im just torn between emotions. im not tryin to be
all like "ohh, i love her so much, but she doesn't like
me." "ohh, i so depressed." and shit like that. i just
wondering what im doin. i do the same thing all the time,
work, school, chill and wrestle. i can't wait until the
summer, when im gonna take a month off of work and go to
california, and travel across the us a bit. im not sure if
im happy or what. im not sad, that's obvious, but im just
not...excited. im thinking i should be all pumped up. i
guess this is the way everyone feels, everyone that has it
too good. like i said before, always wanting more, and i
want more. more of what, i dont' know? i guess ill find
that along the way.