me, myself and i
2002-01-20 20:12:36 (UTC)

Weekend of shows

Well the DS shows were this weekend, and I give congrats of
what a great job they did! Well Friday nights show was fun.
It was Dan’s birthday too. Mary went with me and she made a
t-shirt for dan and I had a DS shirt. Both bands did a good
job! It was nice to see everyone again. Tony was sad that
night, which made me feel a little bad. I talked to him
about it last night; he’s an awesome guy. Well to celebrate
dans birthday there were some cup cakes there…and mary and
I had a fun little war… we both shoved cup cakes in our
faces so we had frosting everywhere. It was funny! Brian
gave me the “requiem for a dream” soundtrack and it kicks
ass! Kurt and Kevin and matt and hilary, and holly and jen,
Jamie, and Melissa came from Geneseo too. Mary was glad
kurt came witch is cool. Yesterday I went over to holly
house for a while… and she had a stalker for some of the
day. We were basically hiding from this kid who kept
calling and he finally stopped by and we hid. And then I
had to go get ready for the DS and SER show in Galesburg.
They both did an excellent job. My other “Mitch’s Bitch’s”
member went too and Braden and her had some cute moments.
It was precious. I think a lot of those boys had some
precious moments. Which is cool. I’m happy when they are
happy, and that’s all that matters! Well, after the show a
group of us went to seth’s house and we had pizza and
watched some of the movie that mary e made. She’s such a
cool gal and she did a great job taping. Well we all hung
out and stuff. Tony road with me there, we got to talk
about how we got nicknames and stuff. But over all it was
okay I guess! As long as everyone else had fun, that’s all
that matters! Hehe… Steph and I didn’t get home till 4 last
night… my mom asked me about it today and wondering why we
came home late… I just told her the show went late and we
ever got a noise complaint. I guess she really didn’t care
she just didn’t like that fact we were out till 4. But
owell, no big loss. I’m not to worry about it. Hehe…. Well
I got a phone call today for a job interview… at Auntie
Ann’s. I hope I get the job. Well I’ve been getting a
little nervous these days. I have to go to Iowa City next
Monday and those usually aren’t fun… I guess we’ll see what
happens and if I can handle it. Well I’m out.