ShellyWebster vX

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2001-04-18 03:01:38 (UTC)

Tuesday April something

Hmm well today I woke up with a weird type of hurting in the
back of my head. I have no clue what it was but that's
okay. Anyways, I was supposed to go to the doctor today
because I was sick all weekend, but I felt much better so I
didn't go. Not like anyone cares in particular about that
but this is my diary and I can write whatever I want :)

If there was one thing that made me happy today it was when
my friend Draven told me that I am one of his best friends.
It was so sweet and it made me happy because I don't have
many friends. To me, having a few good close friends is
much better than having a million aquaintences. So thank
you Draven, if you're reading this :)

Anyways I must be going now because my brother needs to use
the computer. *sigh* well I shall write

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