I miss you
2002-01-20 20:05:10 (UTC)

Sunday (1.20.02)

I am sitting here listening to "second to last". I have
been doing an extreme amount of thinking lately. About me
and my friends and my 'boys'. I find it hard to believe
how much fun my friends have been since joe and i broke up.
I mean like before i was so 'enthrawled' with him i was
neglecting my REAL friends. And now that i don't have the
obligations of a boyfriend i can be myslef. I can act like
a pervert i can go out with my friends. Its almost like a
weight of sorts has been lifed. And i honestly think that
college is going to be SO good for me. because i have
friends going to the same school and joe will be about 150
miles away from me. I thought that when we broke up that i
would no longer be the happy person that i was when i was
with him but in actuality, I am happier now knowing that i
have such wonderful friends who love me and care about me.
And that's something joe hasn't experienced, which is why
he is always angry with me. Which has become ammusing b.c
it is so fuckin' pointless that i don't even worry about it
anymore. So i choose now to remove myself from joe and from
this whole dramatic illness that is his life. It's so much
better with out him. It may sound selfish or cold but i am
honestly glad that we are not together anymore... i can
breathe again!!!! i guess that's all for now. i have
rehearsals from 11 am to 5pm tomorrow =X that blows my
ass!! oh well.... we all know why it's so worth it to me...
or at least some of my friends do. :P man im so weird... ok
well catch ya later!!

"second to last" by: New Found Glory

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