Pure Belligerence
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2002-01-20 19:25:38 (UTC)

*F*** life, we live life, this is our life, live your life*

i, um, edited? my title because i thought it was kinda
crude to put where everyone can see the word fuck.... i
know some people dont like it.... if they decide to read
the swears in my entries thats their choice, but people
shouldnt have to see it if they dont wanna.... hmm, i
wonder whats made me feel that way.... am i becoming more
thoughtful?? probably now. Well, the title is part of a
song imlistening to.... ja rule.... which iv been doing a
lot lately.... i just have an, i dunno, craving for it.
Have anything to do with Zack? Probably.... but
anyways.... i feel sick, i dunno if its from the metabolife
(it didnt work for a week or so, but all the sudden its
started to work again....) or me getting a little bit
sick. I wonder....

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