Pure Belligerence
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2002-01-20 19:15:38 (UTC)

*All work no play makes Zack very tired....*

Zack had to go plowing last night.... he works way too
much.... hes been up for like 30 hours now.... i tell him
he needs sleep and he tells me he needs money. Hes only
18.... he shouldnt need to worry about all that.... but he
knows i only nag because i care. He called me last night
(this morning) at 3:30.... at first i thought he was like
drunk, but no, just very sleep deprived. He was in his
truck in some town.... i told him to be careful he said he
would. He called again at 1:30 this afternoon and said he
had just gotten home... he had to go to his other job at
3:30pm.... and then he wanted to go out with me tonight and
i told him no because he needs sleep... but he kept
insisting he doesnt, he would rather see me, but im gonna
make up an excuse why i cant go so he can get some sleep.
I have to go to work at 3:30 too.... its 2:19 right now....
i dont really mind going because im so damn bored.... and a
lot of my friends are working today so its all good.
Alicia called me and told me she cant go out tonight, she
was mad about it, because she had to watch her baby brother
again. Thats all she ever does... she said, and its true.
Her lazy stepfather doesnt even have a job anymore yet shes
always stuck with david. This is what shes always telling
me, and its unfortunately true....