The Eye Into My Soul
2002-01-20 19:14:39 (UTC)

Last Night...

Scott, Dirty, and Dirty's friend Steve came over and we
watched movies. Gross Point Blank is a pretty good movie if
you like a little bit of action mixed with a love story.
John and Joan Cussack are in the movie... they're both
pretty good actors. The other movie that we watched, A Good
Man In Africa (I think that's what it's called) isn't a
good movie at all. It doesn't have any plot and the story
line isn't very good, besides every woman in the movie
wants to have sex with the main guy charcater... he isn't
that good looking and he's not even a nice guy untill the
very end of the film. I don't recomend watching it... it's

Dirty and his friend Steve left early so Steve could pick
up his dad. I'm kinda glad that they did because I can only
stand so much if Steve at one time. I love Dirty but when
he and Steve are together he suddenly gets much more
sarcastic than normal, plus Scott doesn't like Steve so he
also gets more sarcastic... I just can't take all the
sarcasm when the 3 of them are together. It's much more
than I can handle.

My dad called last night to ask me about the snow... they
didn't get any even though they live farther north than we
do. My dad was being silly and saying that he was going to
have to break out the shorts and sandles because it was
never going to be real winter there. When I talked to my
mom I made the mistake of telling her that I stayed out
until 2am the other night. She wanted to know what in the
world there is to do until 2 in the morning. It's not
really that there is stuff to do but that I want be out all
night with my friends rather then at home alone all night.
Friends are a precious commodity and I want to spend as
much time as possible with them before we all graduate and
go our seperae ways (but I'm not going to think about that
right now).

After Dirty and Steve left, Scott and I watched TV, we
ended up watching an old episode of ER. It was the episode
where Lucy and Carter get stabbed at the end (for those of
you who watch ER). That episode is so depressing because it
seems as though nothing goes well. Everyone (except the
dog) dies in this episode or at least doesn't get their
problems solved. Well, I saw the new episode where the
crazy guy gets out of jail because he's been healed of his
psychotic disorder and Carter freaks out... I wonder if
it's really right for people like that to be pardened
because they killed someone but then again they were sick
and are now healed... which is right?