Forgotten Misery
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2002-01-20 19:13:46 (UTC)

Im home I guess

Yikes Ohio feels like home now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well my trip back down was cool cept when me and jamie got
food poising which im still sick from and keep heaving i
swear i woke up and it was like run to the bathroom grrrrr.
I over slept this morning cause I was supposed to be at my
grandmas to leave at 8:30 and my mom woke me up at 9 so
needless to say I got my ass in some deep shit with my dad
and his is pissed off at me and wont hardly speak to me he
wouldnt let me drive home he was that mad well and i was
sick to but still he forgets that im still 16 no matter how
old and mature i act at time im not aaron im young and i
have fun and deal with the yelling. Well Friday when i
came in was coo cause me and jamie ran around everywhere
with maggie then sara and ashley came by maggies to get
ashleys gift which was underapreciated and i spent 25
dollars on that girl but she hates me along with sara so i
lost 2 best friends just to keep one who they made me call
and tell g that they didnt hit his car and im not sure
cause i dont know if they are lying to me or not i hate
people who lie!!!!!!!!!!! Well Then saturday we ran around
all day went shoping spent some time at gs house and that
was purtty cool to hang out with him again i miss that well
then jamie had her party which peoples came i got bored
and marissa wanted to hook up with skip a guy she likes
which is now her b/f yeah!! So i was like lets go bowling
so he can come up here and hang out with ya so he came and
his creepy friend that was hitting on everyone hard core
gave me the creeps then i told g to come up that way i
could say bye this time forgetting jamie and corey and
jason where coming stupid stupid stupid well i got sick
shortly after jamie and well while g came i got looks from
jason that where like who the hell are those guys talking
to my girl he was really jelous and i was like um.......
So g left along wit josh who so bleached his hair no
offense babe but tis not good looking on u sorry! Well i
got yelled at hard core for wanting to smoke do to i never
mind anyways well jason stated his teritory me lol so he
asked me so much and cared about everword i had to say and
he was like next time you come in give me a call it was
sweet i suppose but i still think his ass was higher than a
damn kite which i dont go for that shit anymore another
thing is he just kept staring at me like staring like
looking into your soul with all this passion of the look
damn i wanna fuck her and i was like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im
not that hot leave me alone lol well i gave jason a goodbye
hug and well he kissed me of course since i suppose when we
are around eachother we are like make out buddies grrr tis
not coo i dont want that sighs...ohwell get to go bye y
kiss one guy when u can kiss 10. Im so confusen on jason I think I
like him then again ever since me and him met it seems like jamie and
corey have been pushing us to be couple and me and jason have well
done alot hence camping was the shit lol but I think I just make
myself like him cause I just want someone to hold me someone to
cuddle up with and kiss me someone i can talk to and then u know the
look of i really feel like we should kiss now and kiss im tired of
being alone i miss being held and kissed im so used to having that
and i dont for once yet i know its like any guy kisses me or
something i be like yeah yeah cause im a sucker for a kiss but still
i just i just dont know anymore listen to my mind and well andreas
horny lil self lol or listen to my heart ahh i still really think i
like someone yet theres no chance of anything with us but still then
theres jason and well one other but that person nope tried to get
ryan back one to many times and well he just isnt the relationship
type guy y do i always like guys that cant deal with realationships
maybe im scared too i dont know my head hurts and i have a temp sighs
ok ok new subject
me and murphy are no longer speaking to eachother and hate
eachother so much tis not funny and all his friends still love me and
it kills him what a loser lol. Well next time i come in i
have to spend time with my family and not friends but some
time with friends just not the whole time like i did this
time. Looks out window and goes damn i missed my car lol
t-funk baby lol who im gona call shrek lol once again me and
maggie watched it again last night with susan i love that
movie so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Poor G got stood up or well ignored by megan the other
night thats not coo he so deserves so much more he is the
sweestest guy poor kid
i called him josh by accident cause i was hangin out with
josh gates earlier coreys bro so i suck with names plus i
had to many peoples around i confused myself lol. O yeah
and no one is gona pay me back for bowling ok!!!!! it was
only 15 guys no biggie ok im a big girl i have money and if
i wanna spend it on u i can like maggie knows this ok
everyone else know this to like i bought maggie clothes
cause i could so dont feel bad i have money and getting a
job cause my other work money hittin low but no biggie i
have 65 coming to me to last till i find a job which wont
take long since people all these older guys in stored hit
on me i cant even go through a fast food thing without the
guy staring at me geez even with no make up and hair messed
up what the heck anyways im out my bro is talking to me for
once and i miss him so byeeeee plus this is long

Hugs and kisses