Angela Nicole

2002-01-20 18:22:44 (UTC)

What the FUK!!

Im very annoyed.. Matt my boyfriend I LOVE HIM TO DEATH..
But he is so clueless about everything.. Im not used to
dating guys my age.. and this is really hard for me.. I
hardly ever get to talk to him.. cuz he lives like 2,000
miles away from me.. He told me he would be on friday, so
like a dumb ass I waited and waited, then he was suppoes to
be on friday night so I waited AGAIN,.. I should have just
caught on then I GUESS I DUNNO.. BUT, Saturday he did the
same thing to me.. and I WAITED AGAIN!!! So today is
Sunday, and I FINNALY got to talk him.. For like 30 mins..
because he is going with his bestfriend Kat somewhere..
Which wouldnt bother me SO MUCH.. If they never went out..
She is like the only girl that he ever dated, for more then
a month or so and the only girl that he really fooled
around with..I'm trying to be a good girlfriend and be
understanding about the situation because they are best
friend and I would never tell him that I didn't want them
talking cuz I dont wanna see that happen but it's hard.. He
isn't doing anything wrong.. and maybe I'm just being to
much of a bitch I don't it just bugs me ALOT.. That he
picks her over me all the time.. Like one night, he was at
her house and she was in the shower WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?
Someone please tell me if I'm just being a bitch.. cuz im
trying really hard not to be.. I dont wanna mess things up
with US.. He is great and I do know he loves me, honestly I
know he wont do anything with her but thats not that the