My life
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2002-01-20 18:03:38 (UTC)


Hey ya'll-
I ahve been like totally buzy this weekend. Its not even
funny! On Thursday nite my boy eric went to the hospital.
I didnt find out till friday after school. Then on
Saturday i called josh. It turns out that he hs a fiance!
He is only 17 years old. He is throwing his life away and
the girl is 20 something years old. After i found out i
went to my girl staci's house. We are starting a band! A
punk band known as 42 BroKen ChaIns! I am tyring to learn
how to play the drums and staci is the lead singer. all we
need is a bass and a gutairist.(sorry if spelled wrong)
Our site is and that
is it. It is mostly still in construction. Well i am
still at her house we are going to sing over the internet
again. Well adios